Same but different:dress me down- dress me up!

So,I came to my hometown for the weekend and decided to travel light!I decided to wear my beige trenchcoat and my new Zara striped t-shirt on Saturday and just alter the outfit a bit at night to go to the movies.It was pretty casual for a walk at the park as you can see and walk means trainers for me,not matter what! :) Then I added a choker,changed trousers,wore a pair of purple kitten-heel shoes,did a bit heavier eye makeup,grabbed my clutch and there you go! A challenge I've put to myself is that I'm gonna buy as less clothes as possible and wear the ones I already have but are hanging neglected in my closet-some of them even have the price tags on them,even though I bought them a long time ago...It's a bit ironic that I started a blog just as I stopped going shopping-lol! The new financial state of Greece has taken a toll on everyone and the heavy taxation and serious salary decrease means a budget so tight that I have to kiss my shopping habits bye-bye! Oh well,never mind-time to focus on our creative side,right?
Dress me down:
Corduroy Bag-Marks and Spencer(old)
Corduroy Hat-used to be boyfriend's :)
Dress me up:
Shoes-Massimo Duti(so old they could be labeled vintage,lol! but rarely worn,as most of my heels!)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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