Burgundy Sunday

Decided to wear my flat riding boots-they look better with a skirt or skinny trousers but I hadn't packed any! I hardly  ever wear them,but they're quite comfy to walk in actually.What's your relationship with riding boots?

And these lovely pumps and the polka-dot scarf I bought last Tuesday,almost a week ago but hadn't  had the chance to wear yet.The pumps were a gift from my mom,I suppose to make me feel better for staying behind while she and dad went to Budapest and Vienna for a long weekend! Well,like I've said before a bit of shopping does wonders for your mood! I gave the shoes to have the heels a bit shortened actually,this photo is the BEFORE but I don't think there will be a noticeable difference,they'll just be a bit less torturous! :) Do you, too, find heels pretty but oh so tiring! or are you one of those girls who wear them all day long?

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