friday h&m and my two-tone diy mani

Friday yay! So today I went to a neighbouring town to see a friend,we had a cup of coffee,did a bit of catching up and also did a round at a few shops.H&M was the last of them and I picked up a few things;it's not a big H&M store like the ones in my hometown but at least there is one,while in the town I have to be during the week because of my job,there isn't one at all.This weekend I didn't go home so I decided I needed a bit of cheering up! It was nice seeing my friend and ex-colleague.I bought a set of rings that spell LOVE, the necklace I saw last time I was at H&M and didn't buy but afterwards regretted and a lovely PINK circular scarf-I love these!! I got ANOTHER striped t-shirt!!Stripes are the new black! lol :) Oh and I even got a lip-gloss,the first H&M lipgloss I ever got,but it was such a perfect shade of pink,I was just drawn to it! :) I have tons of lipglosses and lipsticks,that was the thing I sure could do without! but it's a pretty colour! And you can also see my two-tone DIY nails,a twist on the french manicure! What do you think of it?


  1. I love your necklace!! And your nails look really nice :)

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog!
    Nice items;).

    xx Laura

  3. I loved the scarf and neckalace! thw rings too, not too excited about the nails though..but I am just too conservative I guess...

  4. Thank you for following!! Your nails look great! I am following you back! :)

    Have a wonderful day!


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