Dressestylist - Beach Wedding Dresses

Hello lovelies, this is my third post in collaboration with Dressestylist, a site with gorgeous wedding dresses! Have you read my previous posts? If you haven't, you can see my post on Wedding Dresses UK 2015 HERE and the one on Vintage Wedding Dresses HERE.
This time we are going to be discussing Beach Wedding Dresses even though we are in the heart of winter! These are going to be my favourite because summer is my absolute favourite season and a beach is my favourite place to be in the whole wide world! I have always pictured my own wedding happening in the summer somewhere near the beach! I can stay there all day, lounging, swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, doing water sports, you name it! I like to spend hours and hours there  until after the sunset. I'm lucky enough to be living in Greece so it's not difficult. That's how I spend my summers! There is something soothing and relaxing about being next to the sea, don't you agree? I like going even in the Autumn! So, that's probably why my ideal wedding would take place on a beach and it would be carefree and fun with just family and a few close friends. The wedding dress I would choose would be a flowing maxi romantic dress, simple but beautiful. Dressestylist has so many to choose from. Go to the site to browse all of them and select your favourite. They are all gorgeous so you might have trouble picking just one! I managed to narrow down my favourites to these lovely dresses. Leave me a comment, I want to know what you think and what your ideal wedding wedding is! xoxoxo


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