Neon details and rediscovering an old darling!

Necklace - H&M originally,spray-painted by me!
Bag - Diesel (from back in the day!)
Ring - bought in London, I think from Next
Studded cuffs - bought online
Glitter bracelet - Oysho

Most of us,if not everyone,are loving neon at the moment and it really makes an outfit pop.I'm very attached to my belongings and don't want to get rid of them even if I don't wanna wear/use them any more! I always think I might wear them again in the future even though it hardly ever happens BUT guess what! While taking a look through some boxes with old bags, I did find a bag which lay there forgotten which I'm totally loving again! It's an almost neon hot pink DIESEL one and it's adorable! I think I'm gonna carry it around a bit more and it gives me great satisfaction because I'm for once justified for not letting go of my old stuff! Are you a clothes/accessories hoarder or do you throw/give away the items you no longer wear?? Do tell! 

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