Arm Party : DIY

Remember these? I added the gold butterflies.What do you think?

After a visit to the hardwear store,I made these! they're so cool! I love them! You can see the tutorial on the Honesty...WTF site, here

For this cutie,I followed this  Honesty...WTF tutorial

Bracelets -  DIY
Earrings - DIY

First of all, sorry for the bad quality of the photos.I forgot my camera back home so I had to use my phone.It's a pity really because the colours appear muted and you cannot see the fabulous NEON orange and pink in all its glory.I also forgot to take with me some things I bought and meant to do a post on,so they'll have to wait but I couldn't wait for my bracelets!! I'm excited about how they turned out,I really like them and I will probably be doing more! Oh,I also made a pair of earrings,not bad,uh? :)

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