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diy bracelets

H&M bracelets from the kids department!

Zara polka-dot pleated skirt

Spray paint in ''Piggy Pink''!

oatmeal canister transfromed!

mason jars with spray painted lids with bits and pieces! also bows in a jar!:)

the lids turned out so cute! I'm addicted!

oreo truffles made by me!

made with a recipe I found on pinterest!

today's project:homemade cereal bars

bran flakes,oatmeal,brown sugar and cinnamon in yummy chunks
These last few days I've been in a diy mood! My lastest buys were a cute polka-dot Zara pleated skirt and cuffs from the kids department at H&M-finally, cuffs that are my wrist size!!!  I also bought a spray in a colour called ''Piggy Pink'',lol! This is so great- I love it! My spray paint project was inspired by pinterest.When I buy food that comes in jars I always throw them away but feel bad about it (there's no recycling bins where I live now!-shocking,I know!!!).But now that I can make them pretty and uniform I'm certainly gonna use them! Plus I love the jar storage ideas I saw in pinterest-instead of putting things in boxes and then opening several trying to find where is what,I can put them in jars and see the content! Practical too! I just looove how the lids turned out! I also spray painted an oatmeal canister but left the lid the original yellow colour! My diy ''fever'' lead me today to make an attempt at making homemade cereal bars. I used four ingredients because these were what I had at home-bran flakes,oatmeal,brown sugar and cinnamon-next time I'm gonna add almonds or nuts,too.I mixed the bran flakes with the oatmeal.Then I made some syrup with water,brown sugar and cinnamon which tasted so divine even by itself-I thought about saving some to use in coffee but then forgot about it!Oh well,next time! Then I poured it over the cereal and pressed it evenly with a spatula.Left it for a couple hours and cut it in chunks.If you use a pizza cutter you can cut rectangular pieces to resemble store-bought cereal bars.I'm definitely making these again,they taste delicious and are very healthy! Last week I also tried making oreo truffles with a recipe I found on pinterest.They are made with oreos and cream cheese and chocolate.I tweaked the recipe a bit and used coconut on some of them as you can see.I also used milk and dark chocolate.Don't they look pretty? As for my diy bracelets, I made them using the left over fabric from the t-shirt I used to make this necklace and some thread.That's all for now, I know it's a different post than usual,hope you liked it! How was your weekend lovelies? xoxoxo,Marina

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