Any Given Sunday!

This is the bracelet we were given at the christening! it matches my nails,too!!
with my friend Antigoni at her baby's christening-it was a lovely event!

me in the same coat many many many years ago! :)

A leopard-print coat is an investment! If you're an animal print lover you'll be wearing it for years-Mine was from Zara,it's soft and furry and I've had it for a LIFETIME!! And here's proof! this Sunday I wore it to the christening of a friend's baby and above you can see me wearing it literally ages ago-I'm a whole different person but my coat is the same and I still love it!I think I'm gonna be wearing it for ever!:)) How do you feel about animal prints?? Oh and by the way, this is so NOT the outfit I wanted to wear but I left so hastily I threw a few clothes in my suitcase and totally forgot to pack my outfit and shoes for the event! So I had to make do with a sleeveless black dress hanging in the closet back home which I had never worn.I bought it a couple of years ago and it still had the price tag on it!! I also wore a black cardie which I intented to take off, but kept it on eventually because it was cooooold! I meant to wear a red one trimmed with sequins but I forgot!!! This weekend I was too absent-minded,I know!!! Shame really because it's my only chance for outfit photos,since I'm too busy or tired during the week!
How was your weekend? xoxoxo

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