friday eye makeup and playing around with my new PINK holga!

ΜΑC pigment in Rose and MAC liquid eyeliner,undefined eyebrows

AVON ''Glimmerstick'' eyepencil in Majestic Plum and defined eyebrows,too

Maybelline Colossal mascara

I think I'm ready...

I am ready!

how about this top?

and these booties? they're quite comfy

Zara top

Zara high-waisted skirt

Stradivarious furry purse

My new HOLGA!!!! got it in the post today!

this was taken when I came back and after a few glasses of wine-can you tell?

....I think you can!

Isn't it CUTE???

It's pink too! yay!
This is just a fun post,don't take it too seriously! :) I went out but I wasn't really having fun so I left and I was about to drive 250km just before midnight to go home -I wasn't supposed to go again this weekend but just had a sudden impulse to do it-but then decided I should stay put since I had a couple of drinks while out...Then I  remembered I got my PINK HOLGA in the post today and just had to take a few pics and show it to you!! I have to buy rolls of film and learn how to use it!?!?!! The main reason I got it is because it's pink and white and sooooo cute!!

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