red and pink-me likey! :)

Combining red with pink is something I have been doing for years despite it being considered weird or kooky! I have many things,bags,purses,items of clothing,etc which used to be hard to find,but  since colour blocking these two colours has become a trend,there are more options out there and some fabulous appearances by celebrities that I would have been proud to sport myself!Since due to my job I'm'' torn'' between two cities, I never quite know where my belongings ,even though I have a whole lot of them,here's a small sample

All these are by Roxy and come to think of it most of my other red-pink items are by Roxy again!!

...and here's a few things that I'd love to have in my closet:
La Redoute
Sportmax runway
Prabal Gurung spring 2011

And last but not least these lovely celebrity outfits! soooooo my cup of tea!!! :)

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