OCTOBER 2011 magazine covers

HOT,HOT,HOT Rachel Bilson!


  1. All this girls are stunning the only cover that I don't like is from lady gaga she doesn't look that pretty on it but I like our blog following for sure nope you follow me back dear awesome blog thanks for visiting mine kisses

  2. I agree with you on the lady gaga cover,I wasn't sure wether to post it or not at first,but Harper's Bazaar is one of my favourite magazines so here it is! :)thanx for following me,I'm following back! I like Preppy Fashionist!

  3. October covers are usually nowhere near as cool as the Sept/Dec issues... The Harpers and Vogue ones are by far the most eye catching, love Instyle but the gold overload and sequins are a little early (pre x mas)... Oh and Britney looks good!
    p.s loved Christian S collection!


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