This Marks ans Spencer dress is a favourite but it never ever crossed my mind to combine greys and leopard-prints...I do want to experiment with some unexpected combinations so here it is! just trying it out at the moment;maybe I'll do an outfit post when I find the time and location...*sigh* ...I have been waking up really early for work lately which I hate and can't get used to it but hopefully I will soon!
  oooh I do love my pinks,you know that by now! xoxoxo  The leopard-print shirt is from Zara and the ring I bought in London but I can't remember where from...It was a brighter colour but it's colour faded when I wore it to the beach one day!!

So I went for an hour or so at the beach today,it was deserted! absolutely noone there! Even the beach bar was gone!!! no umbrellas,no showers,no changing rooms,no coffee, no nothing!!! nothing and noone was there! it was surreal but it was still lovely as it was sunny! there were very strong winds though and the sand was attacking me and my things!The water was cooooold but refreshing!
 Chanel lipsticks! I love them! in Taffetas and Rose Flash...The first one I've used a lot more as you can tell! :))
 Time for pink nails again! in Viva Pink by Avon...two coats for a bright opaque finish

 cup of coffee to get me through the day! Tuesday was better than HELL MONDAY!! :(
miouprincess loves pink,right? ;)

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