First impressions - FOTD

Hello lovelies, this is today's makeup and my opinion of a few things I tried for the first time. Avon's Ideal luminous highlighter 'Revitalised'  and AeroVolume mascara and Essence lipliner n.14 'Femme Fatale'. The highlighter is a pretty peachy pink that leaves a hint of colour and a subtle sheen. The mascara was a nice surprise!! I didn't expect much of it because I have only loved 2 Avon mascaras but tried dozens!! It both lengthens and gives volume to your lashes and it separates them. They look perfectly combed and defined. I also find most (Avon) mascaras very liquid-y the first times I use them and like them better after a while, when they become more thick. Well, this one is not! It's amazing!! I want to use it for a while and then I will do a review. But it really made a great first impression on me! And last but not least the lipliner by Essence.I have heard many good things about them and I wanted to buy all of them but only found 2 shades and the transparent one. 'Femme Fatale' is a classic red and it is so soft you can use it as a lipstick,too! Originally this post was to be dedicated to this lipliner but i liked the others products a lot, so they deserved a mention. I will definitely buy the rest of the colours as soon as I find them! Honestly, I liked this pencil more than some of my mac lipliner pencils! Have you tried any of the above products? Tell me what you think. xoxoxo 


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