Essence lipliner pencils review and swatches

Hello lovelies, if you follow my Instagram you have already seen these babies (and if not, go ahead and follow me at @miouprincess for frequent updates and a lot of cute photos.) I wanted to buy all the essence lipliners the store had,but unfortunately these were the only colors left.  Then I thought maybe it was for the best and I should try them first and see if they are worth anything. So I tried them and all I can think of is where I can find more of them!!! They are amazing!! They are super soft and pigmented and you can even wear them as lipstick! Of course, I recommend using some lipstick too, but I tried them on without lipstick since I wanted to test them out. The color is vibrant and they glide so smooth on the lips like butter! They are definitely great value for money and better than a lot of more expensive brands. The only downside is that because they are so soft you may find it hard to line your lips precisely. The solution is to use a brush ( my preferred one) or put them in the fridge for a couple of minutes before using them. I give them 9/10 and I will repurchase for sure. The colors I tried are 'Femme Fatale' n.14 and 'Red Blush' n.8. I liked 'Femme Fatale' a bit more! Have you tried them? What's your favourite drugstore brand for lipliner pencils? xoxoxo


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