Mani(c) Monday: Back to School nail ideas

Hello lovelies! School has started and today's post is dedicated to 'Back to School' cool nail art ideas! Which one is your favourite? As far as my own mani is concerned I'm glad to inform you that I still have the 'Inner Animal' nail strips on my nails,it's the second week and they're still intact so I didn't really want to remove them! If you haven't seen them check the post HERE. xoxoxo
(all images via pinterest)


  1. Υπέροχη έμπνευση!!!
    Θα ήθελες να ρίξεις μία ματιά στο blog μου και αν σ’αρεσει ν’ ακολουθήσουμε η μία την άλλη;
    Τύπου…Ελληνιδες Bloggers ενωθείτε!!
    Xxx Lena!


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