Mani(c) Monday: Avon 'Inner Animal' nail strips

I haven't tried nail strips in a really long while. I have tried them only twice before and weren't really inpressed. They didn't last as long as I had expected. These are from Avon,and although they aren't the design I ordered I thought I'd give them a try. My favourite two designs are called 'Mosaic Flowers' and 'Pink Cheetah' and will be ordering them soon. Let's see how long these are going to last! The application was very easy, fuss free and super fast! But there is one little problem,if you have tiny nails like mine, you'll find the sizes a bit bigger than your nails!! If your nails are average or larger the strips will fit you perfectly.There are 18 nail strips in each package. Have you ever tried nail strips? What do you think? Oh another thing: do you use top coat with them or not??? xoxoxo

Heart rings - Accessorize
pinkie ring - Avon


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