Mani(c) Monday: Seventeen supreme,30 - mint green

Very pretty summer colour,lasted about 4-5 days before it started chipping. Needs 2-3 coats. Mint has been on my favourites list for the last couple of years and I don't seem to be getting tired of it any time soon! Do you like mint? Have a nice week! xoxoxo


  1. Τελειο το χρωμα, και τα νυχια σου ακομα πιο τελεια....

    μπορεις να δεις και το δικο μου blog .....

    Fairy Mary

  2. Beautiful shade .. just swatch a similar shade on my blog .. You got pretty nails dear <3

  3. such a wonderful colour!

    thanks so much for your lovely comment on my all mint post a couple weeks back - just finally catching up on all my comments.x


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