Foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone throughout summer

During summer if you swim a lot in the sea or in pools, you probably have the same problem. Your skin tone  keeps changing as you gradually get a deeper tan. My solution has worked for me for years. I always buy my usual shade of foundation that I use in winter and also a dark colour, usually the darkest one available. Or you can just buy a shade that you know is similar to the darkest your skin ever gets.Then I mix the two shades and  this way I can have all the different shades I will need throughout summer! Just add more of the light or the dark foundation so you can get the shade that perfectly matches your skin tone every time. I also mix different types or brands, but I find that mixing the same one in different shades works the best! xoxoxo
Currently, I'm using Avon Extralasting liquid foundation in 'Nude' and 'Soft Honey'


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