New in: In the mood for summer holidays!

Hello lovelies,today was the last day I had to wake up early and I couldn't be happier about it! The next two months are gonna be the best of this year! They always are! I love summer so much and I can now enjoy it like I always do! Unfortunately I don't have any holiday plans for this summer but I don't really plan things ahead of time anyway.I tend to take spontaneous on the spot decisions,even when it involves traveling abroad,so you never know! :) I'm officially ready to leave! I only have one more day of job-related obligations,woohoo! As you can see I have my mini suitcase ready and travel size bottles and jars for my beauty products and a new palm-trees top from Terranova! Add a bikini and a sunscreen product with SPF 30 and I'm good to go,right? xoxoxo


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