Mango Spring 2013 catalogue picks

Last week I got the Mango spring 2013 catalogue in the post and these are the pages I liked best.Lots of stripes, black and white, along with bright colours. Highstreet fashion with affordable prices.I really liked some of their handbags and the black maxi pleated dress is my favourite! See anything you like? xoxoxo


  1. I want to visit Mango soon :) This collection looks very nice!

  2. I love the new season of Mango.

    Would you like follow each other? Let me know =)

  3. I especially like the first two pictures, and certainly the first one. That first outfit looks like sporty meets chic- a chic outfit with a sports bra being worn. Anyone athletically fit and with a hot athletic body would certainly look hot with something like this.


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