A little bit of shopping does wonders for your mood!

My tan bag finally arrived in the post a couple of days ago! I really like it! here's a few other things I picked a while ago but didn't make it to a post! I've been on the search for a pair of wedge sneakers since last year.Of course,I would have bought the Isabel Marrant ones if I could afford them but since I can't, I was always on the lookout for an affordable pair that I liked.There were many candidates but there was always a detail or some small thing I didn't quite like,not so much colour-wise but in the shape of them.Finally about a month ago I came across these and really loved both the colours and the shape!They're from Pull and Bear.I also got a mini nail polish from H&M, that's a cobalt glittery colour. It's called 'Active Blue' and I only tested it on one of my nails but it doesn't look very pigmented so I might have to apply it on top of another polish.Enjoy the weekend! xoxoxo

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