Mani(c) Monday: Burgundy/Dark Cherry nails

This is a polish I had in my nail polish drawer and can't remember when or where I bought it from; I don't even remember ever putting it on. But since it matched my burgundy 'theme' today in both my outfit and my acessories of choice,I decided to give it a go. Since the brand doesn't really say anything to me,I didn't expect much.To my surprise I loved it! The only thing I didn't like about  it is that it has a rather strong smell when you apply it. But it definitely has a lot more pros! The brush is not too thick and applies the colour evenly.I only needed two coats for an intense colour and it is super smooth and glides on perfectly.Furthermore it is really shiny.The colour is darker than on the photos,the flash makes it appear more red than is actually is.It is a gorgeous burgundy/dark cherry red colour. What do you think? xoxoxo
ps. check out my other burgundy/oxblood nails post here and tell me which nails you like best!


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