DIY projects

Ok,here are some of my latest DIY projects.A sort of ''grown-up friendship bracelet'' and spray-painted jewellery! :) The friendship bracelet is made from satin cords and a glittery button.As for the earrings,I've been looking for a pair of huge gold(en) earrings ever since I saw Rihanna's 'Rehab' video,that is since forever! It sure seems so,it's been at least two and a half years,probably more! Of course never before had I thought that you could spray-paint almost anything.That happened a few months ago since I became a pinterest maniac!! So since I didn't manage to find a pair I liked, when I came across this pair I decided it was time to buy a gold-coloured spray and try my luck.To tell you the truth I wanted to add a layer of gold glitter spray and I will as soon as I find a shop that sells it! And last but not least the yellow neon coloured necklace inspiration came from 'a pair and a spare' blog.You can find the tutorial here.Remember the H&M necklace shown here? I bought two identical with the intention of spray-painting one of them in a neon colour.I was torn between neon pink and neon yellow.Again I searched and searched high and low for the desirable colours and couldn't find any of them.And finally in one of my trips home last weekend, I found a neon yellow spray,hurray! At last!! I really liked how it turned out,can't wait to wear this! :) Have you ever done any spray-painting or other projects? Feel free to send me pics or paste a link! xoxoxo

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