...A little bit of shopping does wonders to your mood!

my precious!!!

Am I pretty or what??


kitty approved!

It's no secret that I love accessories, so here's what I got this time,seven rings,a chain cuff,a glitter bracelet,two identical necklaces (!) and two turtleneck sweaters.I've been searching like forever for H&M's plain metal cuffs but they haven't brought them in any of the local H&M stores...annoying!!! as a consolation I got quite a few rings in plain metal and one from Brigitte Bijoux,the big round one.I wasn't sure about the golden leaf ring but oh well, even my cat approves after all! She approved and then took over my brand-new items and wouldn't move,once she plonked herself on my sweaters! lol In case you're wondering why on earth I bought two identical necklaces,I'm planning to spraypaint one of them! Remember this clutch? Well,I got it in pink too,will show it to you as soon as it gets delivered! I also got the cutest over-the-knee socks and a pair of black pumps.I meant to but pink ones but they didn't have my size,so frustrated...cuz they were such a perfect bright pink colour.Then I went for the nude ones and again not available in my size..grrrr...I've got really small feet,it's a miracle when I find shoes in my size!So I ended up with black.The socks and pumps are from the local shops,by the way, and I'm not giving up on the pink ones,I'm gonna keep searching! I wish I didn't have to wake up early for work tomorrow but at least it's Friday,yay! xoxoxo

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