ombre nails and denim shirt

Today I had to walk in a snowstorm and to tell you the truth I enjoyed it! The force of the wind was such so great that I could hardly walk when trying to go against it and when going towards the same direction it pushed you forward!! Never in my life have I experienced so strong gale winds! It was also snowing heavily but after finishing the things I had to do concerning work I went to the shops,where I got to admire all the pretty pastels of the spring collection and even tried some on.I tried to resist my urge to buy all those pretty pastel items and bought this denim shirt because I've wanted one for a long time.I also bought a pair of black winter boots because I'm planning to hit the mountain soon,hopefully! They will replace my pastel pink suede ones because they got dirty and I don't know how to clean them! I've been searching high and low for a suitable product with no luck :(  Any tips on how to clean suede leather of a very light colour??? Please help! Oh and my asos laptop case/clutch arrived yesterday, too! yay! I already have it in yellow but I just couldn't resist getting the pink one now that it was half-price!

Denim shirt - Stradivarius
Necklace - H&M
Rings(left to right) - H&M, Brigitte Bijoux
Studded skirt -Zara(old)
Boots - Olang
Clutch -Asos

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