a little bit of shopping does wonders to your mood! and a little bit of red (again)!

Today,we had a red-themed party at work!! You'd think they read my blog! perfect timing,a few days after my "I see Red'' post!!! It was all so cool and so red!! Really enjoyed it! We were supposed to wear hats,too. I did wear a very cute hat but I'm keeping this for a later post! Here are a few things I got on Saturday! A pretty 'love' ring,a couple candy-coloured pastel t-shirts,a pair of suspender-looking  tights, a peter pan collar dress and a grey furry hat! I have no idea where I'm gonna wear this but I just had to have it!!
'Love' ring, V-neck t-shirts, tights and furry hat - Tally Weijl
Peter Pan collar dress - Sfera

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