Lipstick Love: MAC cremesheen 'Creme Cup' lipstick

So while going through my makeup I came across one of my favourite lipsticks which I had forgotten for a while:MAC's cremesheen creme cup lipstick,a perfect shade of pink! The funny thing is I keep buying pink lipsticks,I'm drawn to them like a butterfly to light and when I get home I realise that they're so similar to each other!...well what can I say I guess I like pink!I have shades ranging from the palest to the brightest pink but pale pinks are more flattering,at least on my complexion.I'm a cosmetics junkie as you can maybe infer from the last photo but I especially love buying lipstick,I have so many lipsticks that it's a miracle If I ever finish one of them! And of course I become obsessed with my most recent buys and forget about the rest but occassionaly I go back to certain favourites like this one.Do you tend to buy tons of makeup too or do you stick to a few favourites? I'm actually envious of those who do the latter,wish I was one of those people! Then I'd have an organised and clutter-free bathroom! :) You can get a glimpse of some of my makeup in the last photo,this was taken when I had long hair not so long ago! I just had my hair cut again as you may have noticed yet I'm having a 'miss my long hair' moment now that I'm seeing this photo!

 photo by Yiannis Ioakimidis

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