DIY: Frappe maker makeover

Hello lovelies, time for a DIY post. October was breast cancer awareness month so I did my bit and bought a pink Kitchen Aid blender. It's more expensive than the other colors because they donate the extra money you pay to the cause. Besides being a pretty adition to my counter, I use it every day to purée fruit for the baby and occasionally make smoothies. Next to it is my husband's frappe maker. He drinks frappe even in winter! It's a simple and masculine black color. Or it was! Until a few days ago. I got his permission to paint it pink so it matches my blender, yay! 'Just don't paint everything in the house pink!'he said! So now they sit next to each other in pink harmony!! I love it! I used spray paint once again as in most my painting projects. This is the first time I spray painted an appliance! Have you ever tried it? It's not so hard. Just be sure to protect the parts you don't want to paint like I did with masking tape. Take a look and tell me what you think.


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