'Tropical Storm' purple gel eyeliner pencil review

Hello lovelies, long time no blogging! I'm back with a review of a gel eyeliner pencil. It's a  purple one by Avon Colortrend and finally a BRIGHTLY coloured one! I love intense colour and this one is perfect. It's very soft and smooth yet stays in place, it won't smudge and it stays put until you decide to take it off. I will definitely buy it again! Gel eyeliners are probably my favourite Avon product and this one is from the Colortrend line which means it's very low cost. So I will be buying the rest of the colours very soon. This one is called 'Tropical Storm' and I give it a 9/10! Do you like bright coloured eyeliners or do you stick to black? Please leave a comment and if you have a favourite bright coloured eyeliner I would love to hear about it! 


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