FOTD: total Avon look with my new in extralasting purchases

Hello lovelies, these are some of the new things I bought that I told you about in my last post. The foundation and the supershock gel eyeliner pencil are two products that I have bought again and again. The rest I'm trying for the first time. I already own the pressed powder in a shade matching my skin but I bought it in the colour "Toffee" so I could try a bit of contouring. It can also be used as a blusher or bronzer.  My bronzers all have a bit of shimmer but this one is matte so it's a very versatile product. I bought the lipgloss in October, you can see my review HERE. The Big & Daring mascara has a very promising name but I wasn't that impressed. I love the packaging, I think it's very pretty but it gives volume to my eyelashes not so much length. Then again it does say it's a VOLUME mascara. If you are going to buy an Avon mascara, buy the Infinitize, it's amazing!!!! And they have the same price! The blush duo is very pretty and you can use the light colour as a highlighter and the peachy pink one as a blusher. Very nice and value for money. The concealer will probably be my new favourite, you can barely tell it's there yet it gives you coverage. Love it! And last but not least the eyeshadow. It comes in a cute little jar and it is like MAC's paintpots. The consistency is the exactly the same. This turned out to be an excellent buy! You can use it as an eyeshadow alone, like I did, or as an eyeshadow primer. The colour is a very light discreet pink and it is very longlasting. I was impressed with this one!!! And as I already mentioned the supershock gel pencil is very soft and glides on smooth and easy! It is very very black and gives the effect of a liquid liner but it's easier to work with! Do you like this look? xoxoxo 


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