New in: Darcy sunglasses and DIY polka-dot scarf

I've taken up a new hobby and have a few 'projects' half-finished! My new hobby is sewing and this is the easiest of my projects, a scarf! You just cut a square of fabric,fold the edges and sew! I've also finished a pair of yoga pants, they turned out ok but obviously I need to practise!! I really loved this polka-dot  fabric and since it is so 50s, I made an apron(needs a few finishing touches) and a headscarf! Like a stepford housewife!! Of course I could wear the scarf around my neck too,but the way I envisioned it is as a headband like they wore it in the 50s! Will definitely post when I get to try it on!! Oh and the Darcy sunglasses are from Avon,don't they fit perfect in my 50s theme??? Happy 1st of May!   xoxoxo

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