Quick post: new look, 'Sombre' hair trend

Just had a haircut and went darker.I used to have bangs for many years but this year I decided to let my bangs grow.But I really missed my bangs and didn't quite feel right...so here they are again! yay! Apparently the ombre trend is giving its place to a new softer look (the  'sombre'),where the colours fade into each other in a very subtle,natural way.Well,I thought I'd give it a try and had both lowlights and highlights done to blend the colour.I had my hair done to a new place,not the one I usually go,and even though I feel a bit guilty towards my hair stylist (that I've been going for years and I think he's amazing) I must admit I was very impressed and I am so tempted to go to the new place again! It's called Hair Affair by Mitsas,cool place and the stuff is very friendly and polite,not to mention excellent at what they do!!! Here's what my new hair looks like! I love the outcome so much !!!


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