Lipstick Love: Avon 'Enduring Wine'

The beauty product I buy most often is lipstick.I'm sort of obsessed and of course I never,or hardly ever finish them.This one I got three days ago.It's from Avon's extralasting series and it does last! Even after drinking or eating it's still there,not with the same intensity but it sure is there! It's a great burgundy/wine colour that goes well with day or night makeup.In these photos I have applied it lightly without lipliner. If you want to see previous posts on lipstick click here for MAC 'Cyber', here for MAC 'Creme Cup' and here for Avon 'Doll Pink' (or you can check my lipstick tags). Which is your favourite shade of lipstick at the moment? Have a nice week and don't forget to follow! :)                    xoxoxo

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