instagram preview of OOTD

So,if you've seen my last post you might recognise this jacket ;) After posting the polyvore outfit I went on a mission to find the jacket,I was lucky and found it in the first H&M store I went!This last year I've been shopping a lot there,since my shopping budget diminished! :)) I couldn't resist bying the burgundy beanie too,even though the weather was still pretty warm here in Greece.Actually today is the first day of cold weather,with a sudden drop in temperature.These are a few instagram photos of the outfit I wore.As soon as I found my usb camera cable and/or my card reader I'll be able to post the outfit photos and my second attempt at dark lips!This time I used the Avon colortrend lipstick seen above in 'Deluxe' and a burgundy lipliner.Hope I'll be able to post soon!! If you want to see my first attempt go to this post. The weekend is almost here,so hang in there! xoxoxo
Jacket, top, necklace and beanie - H&M
Nail polish - Erre Due
Spike bracelet - Asos
'Deluxe' colortrend lipstick - Avon

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