Quick post: Dark lips, attempt 1

Experimenting with dark lips again after many years! Same makeup, different light conditions. These were taken a few days ago and I don't remember which lipstick I used, but I did use a lipliner too, and a new lipgloss I picked up at H&M while waiting at the checkout queue.It cost next to nothing and I didn't really expect to like it,but it had this deep dark burgundy colour and as you know I'm craving anything in this palette lately! I should have known better than buying h&m makeup products yet I'm an impulsive buyer and keep hoarding beauty products as if my life depended on it for some reason.So as if the lipgloss wasn't enough,I also got a brown blusher (me brown blusher?? that's a first! I'm turning into a whole different person...!!).For another inexplicable reason I thought I might like the blusher.It turned out it was awful,not so much in colour as in quality,but the lipgloss is actually nice!! It says 'For Audrey',I'm not sure if it's the colour or the name of the lipgloss collection.But to be fair,some of their nail polishes are great.You can check them out in my facebook page www.facebook.com/miouprincesslovespink  Don't forget to LIKE it! ;) xoxoxo

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