A little bit of shopping does wonders to your mood!

These little darlings I got a few weeks ago so this post was long overdue. Anyway,here they are! My favourite is the Zara colour block sandals.It took me a while to jump on that bandwagon; I loved these but I had decided against buying them,because of how popular they are.Nevertheless,when I saw this last pair on my size (36 and hard to find usually!) I just couldn't resist! :)) Also got a cute pink bag and (another) statement necklace from ebay,pink pants and red polka-dot bikini from Marks and Spencer,bandeau top from Bershka,navy hi-lo palm tree dress and neon orange top from Zara again,striped tank top with bow from Terranova,and a few more items not shown here.Which one is your favourite? And what are your thoughts on this,is an item's popularity a factor to decide against buying it?? xoxoxo

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