pink and I...a passionate long-standing affair!

Ok, so this is my ignorant attempt at a blog... :) I suppose it's gonna be spontaneous and random,like the moment of its creation! I haven't done any research whatsover but I decided I need a place to post all the things I love,which I do randomnly on fcb anyway! like almost any pink thing,art,colours,makeup!!!,accessories,...and anything funky I suppose! Tonight i'm experimenting with my new Avon liquid liner pencil and Mac pigment in Rose,Avon purple pencil and lavender eyeshadow on eyes, Avon wrapped in cashmere pencil in Pink Cuddle on the lips and Avon Viva Pink nail polish! Heart ring which I own in several colours from Accessorize, cuffs purchased on the internet and my darling bag from Roxy which I've loved and cherished for several years! Oh,and my cute pink iphone case which I also bought on the internet


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