Cookies, cookies and more cookies!

Hello lovelies,
I have taken up a new hobby recently and it is a lot of fun! If only I had more time to dedicate to it! I have started making cookies, but not just plain cokies, although these are great too, decorated cookies! I have been baking cloud cookies and hot air balloon cookies and I decorated them with sugarpaste and then with royal icing to see which one I like best. I liked royal icing better so I am experimenting with it at the moment! I need a little more practice but I' m loving the results so far!! Who knew homebaking could be so much fun! Do you like baking? Have you ever made decorated cookies? If not, you should! They are really worth the extra effort! Here's a peek at what I have been doing lately! Tell me what you think! Oh and make sure you follow me on instagram @miouprincesslovespink because that's where I'm most active! xoxoxo


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